Oh, so you’re a freshman now huh? You’re moving up the ladder, only four years left! News flash: this won’t be easy! You’re about to enter one of the most important times in your life. Okay okay, I’m sure your mom told you that before you left school this morning I know, but seriously she isn’t lying! My freshman year rocked, but that because I had people that helped guide me along my way.  Nobody wants to be “that freshman”, and yes the upper class pays attention to you, and yes they are judging you. So what can you do to make your freshman year awesome? First of all, get involved! Seriously, you make so many friends when you are involved in sports, band, or clubs. I’m in band and that’s where I met a lot of the upperclassmen that helped me out. Plus it’s fun?? It keeps you occupied and it’s something to put your energy into! Secondly, stay up on your homework. I don’t know about you but I didn’t get a lot of homework in middle school and that’s what made high school hard for me. Homework takes longer when you procrastinate, knock it out when you get home. Secondly, study study study. You know you have that French exam Friday, so why are you waiting till the morning of to cram all that knowledge into your brain (p.s you’ll forget it anyway). One thing Madame taught me was to look over my material for 5 minutes a night. Seriously only 5 minutes a night and it will become familiar with you. Next, get out of your shell a little bit and make some new friends. Thirdly, those people you’ve been friends with since 5th grade? They’ve stuck with you this far, they’re not going anywhere! You know those people will always be your go to sleepover buds but it’s not bad to meet new people. I met some of my best friends this year. Nothing will change if you keep yourself in the clique you’ve been in forever. There are so many cool people at heights, find them! Okay so everybody and their cousin is taking Spanish, and your two best friends are taking Foods I… buuuuuttt you’re not really interested in those classes? Don’t take classes just because people you know are taking them! I almost took Spanish this year because I didn’t know anyone taking French and French ended up being probably my favorite class, (Madame will be the coolest teacher you’ll ever meet) so take what you want. (Again see tip #3 about expanding your friends). Lastly have fun. That sounds silly but really. You got a C on that biology test and you’re an honor roll student, ouch! Don’t freak though, I promise colleges aren’t gonna go through and be like “wow this student with a 3.7 GPA flunked this ONE test their freshman year how DISAPPOINTING WE SIMPLY CAN NOT TAKE THEM” *tosses application in fire and starts maniacally laughing*… right. That doesn’t happen so don’t beat yourself up. That doesn’t mean be carefree and stop caring about your grades, I just mean you don’t have to be perfect! Take care of yourself and your body, if you are putting in your best effort that’s all that matters. I wish you luck with your journey into high school. Best wishes!

Candy’s Dog

There’s such a fine line between good and evil. I’m going to start a little off topic. Most of the times good and evil are seen at two ends of a spectrum, and well sometimes they are. I think people forget about perspectives. When villains make “bad” choice they are automatically judged for it. For example, in Snow White the queen sends someone out to take Snow White’s heart. Now, off the bat that sounds really bad I know. But from the queen’s perspective Snow White is a girl trying to steal her place. The queen does not have family, or someone to love her, all she has to hold onto is being “the fairest of them all.” That’s all she has, so when another girl comes in, a girl who seems to have a lot going for her, the queen feels attacked. She is afraid. She justifies her actions in that way. So when Carlson takes Candy’s dog out to shoot him, a lot of people feel like that’s a heartless thing to do. Kill a harmless dog? No way! But from Carlson perspective, he’s putting this dog out of his misery. Carlson thinks the dog is more trouble than he’s worth. He stinks up the bunk house, he barely moves, in Carlson’s mind he’s doing everyone a favor. To Carlson it was a mercy killing. Perspective is everything.

What Is A Hero?


     What is a hero? When someone says the word “hero”most people immediately think of Superman and Captain America. They think of men who wear capes and women who fly, fighting evil in an epic manner. Heroes aren’t always easy to spot. Sometimes hero’s are just the mailman who brings your mail everyday, sometimes it’s the kid who picked up a pencil in the hallway, sometimes hero’s are as simple as a single mom working late nights to support her children. Heroes are people who are selfless, courageous, and sometimes even clever. Heroes are everywhere.

     Not all hero’s wear capes. Take Beatrice Prior for example, in the Divergent series she starts as a simple girl following rules. When it comes time to pick her path she shows courage. Instead of staying in the faction she was born in, she went with her gut and chose Dauntless, jumping into their world head first. Beatrice is also clever, when she stayed at the Amity headquarters they were raided by Erudite. To keep herself safe she had her and all the other refugees dress as the Amity people. This kept them safe through the raid. Most importantly, Beatrice is selfless. When the factionless was staying with the Candors they were attacked by Erudite. Many people were put to sleep but the divergent were not affected. Beatrice found a little girl who was scared and awake right in the big open lobby. She knew that to protect herself she had to find cover and not to go in the open. She couldn’t leave the girl so she put herself in danger to save the girl. She could have been shot and killed but in that moment she wasn’t thinking about herself, only the girl. She is completely selfless. She is willing to risk her life to save a stranger. That is heroic.

    Many traits can make up a hero. Heroes are people who show bravery, courage, kindness, selflessness, determination and many more. Beatrice carries many of these traits with her. In hard times she put others first before herself. She is a deeply caring person. She is one of many heroic people.

A Strange Dream

This was a story I wrote with my entire class. I wrote the sentence but then the chromebooks got passed around in  circle, each person adding a sentence. This is the product.


The night was as dark as a black hole and the wind was whispering my hair around my face, making it hard for me to see. I heard the howling from dogs near by, and followed the light that caught my eye. Once i got close to the light a walked into a whole different world that was full of zombies. I looked over to my right side and there was a zombie eating a bloody pineapple covered in brains that looked like hamburger meat. I pulled out my samurai sword and fearfully stabbed at him.  The blood splashed onto my white clothing, pouting in disappointed seeing as I just got this shirt. As the zombie died of kept walking not even caring. My mom would be really upset with me because she bought me this new shirt and its ruined because I got blood on it. Then I realize why was there a zombie, And that’s when I realized the city was. Then I reached for the pineapple closest to me and bit in to it. It died. HOHHOT…..the juice. The juice is the reason for the zombies in the city. Zombies are tasty though, so I licked them. ZOMBIE SMOOTHIES!! Then I wanted to taste the zombie’s brain juice. So I cracked open his head and slurped it all up. Then, I woke up from my weird dream. I freaked out, making sure that their wasn’t a zombie apocalypse going down. When I checked outside the day was sunny, I felt relieved, then as soon as I was about to close my blinds, I saw a zombie’s hand pop up from the dark earth. This wasn’t a dream anymore.

Visualization Activity

          As soon as I walked into the cafeteria the savory smell of chicken wafted to my nose, in fact it was the same smell I’d been smelling since 3rd period. The smell of food made my stomach growl, I was absolutely starving. Going through the lunch line I grabbed a cool chocolate milk and made my way to my lunch table. As I plopped in my seat I smiled at my boyfriend, he tried to talk to me but in my mind his voice trailed off as I focused in on the chicken fingers sitting on my plastic tray. It’s golden browned crust called out to me. The scoop of mashed potatoes laying next to it complimented the chickens appearance. Cafeteria food never looked so good. I couldn’t wait another second, my stomach was nagging me, I took a bite of the chicken and chewed slowly to let the flavor fill my taste buds. This was the most satisfying thing to happen to me all day. As I chewed I realized it was missing something… barbecue sauce. I scanned the lunch table I grabbed the unopened barbecue sauce from my boyfriend’s plate and tore it open, dunking my chicken into the pool of sweet burgundy goodness. I heard my boyfriend call out in protest but I didn’t care, my taste buds were tingling. The sauce took the chicken to a whole new level. I had a drink of complimentary milk to wash it all down. I looked at my plate and remembered that was only my first bite and had many more to go, but I wasn’t complaining.


  • How many posts did you write?

I wrote a total of twelve posts, including this one.

  • How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?

Out of my twelve posts, ten of them were school based and two of them were my own interests.

  • How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?

I racked up a total of thirty-eight comments in these ten weeks!

  • Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?

My post “Life As A Freshman” got the most comments (8). I thinks this is because it was my very first post so it had the most time to get comments. I also think people were more excited to comment on each others blogs when this first got rolling so more people wanted to comment.

  • Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?

The post I enjoyed wring the most was “14 Things I Learned By The Time I Was 14.” I wrote that post by choice for fun, so there were no guidelines. I wasn’t forced to do it, so I think it’s the most genuine post I have.

  • Did you change blog themes at all and why?

No, I really liked the first theme I chose so I kept it.

  • How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?

I have 6 widgets on my sidebar. Some of them are linked to comments and other posts, which I think is useful, but others such as archive and categories were not useful.

  • How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll?

Twenty-four students from overseas are on my blogroll.

  • Which web tools did you use to show creativity on your blog?’

I used photos and links to make my blog interesting.


Interviewing Someone Else:

1. What were your first impressions of this blog?

This blog is very clear concise for the most part keeping a candid tone throughout it.

2. What captured your attention?

Some use of figurative language such as analogies

3. What distracted you on the blog? T

he format

4. What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?

Organize your ideas into paragraphs to build you point



Evaluate Challenge:

1. What topics should be added

I think more current issues should be added. We talked a lot about our culture and basic things like nature and such. We should have political topics. I don’t want to say “something more meaningful” because I liked the challenges we had . I just think you get to know someone even better when you get to see them talking about something they’re passionate about. Or maybe even more free writes. You could give a challenge that was literally just “tell us something you love to do” or “what are you most passionate about” or “if you could change one thing about the world what would it be?” I think these topics are more broad. I believe when students are given a lot of rules and guidelines making a blog posts seems more like a chore.

2. The most interesting challenge for you

My favorite challenge was the one where we got to star using pictures in out blogs. I thought it made the blog more interesting.

3. How often you visited other blogs and left comments

Once a week.

4. Whether you read the challenge flipboard magazine


5. PMI or plus/minus/interesting point about the challenge

Positive: I think this was a fun way to get other kids to write with out putting too much of a fear factor in them. It gave me something to do and I loved interacting with other people. Having this challenge be global was cool because I got to learn about other cultures.

Negative: I couldn’t always keep up with the challenge and I didn’t like some challenges.

Interesting: Learning about other cultures around the world.

You’re Just Too Good

I’ve read poems that

romanticize stars.

Comparing your freckles too



I find it hard to compare you to something

so unstable.

When you think about it

stars are raging spheres of


too hot to touch.

Caught in there own gravity but you

you are not the product of

collapsing gases

and more like the product of a delicate flower


I don’t view your freckles like constellations

but more like footprints left from sun faires.

I’ve read poems that

describe black holes as


and I would’ve thought so too until

black holes were the only comparable thing to

your eyes.

Jet-black pearls that drip ink inside your eyelids,

I’ve never seen eyes so mesmerizing.

It was then that I wished your eyes would swallow me whole

because I wouldn’t mind being

lost with you for a while.

You make time move slow

and I love every long minute I get with you.

Not even black-holes can bring you justice.


This weeks theme was nature and my favorite part of nature has always been space. I find it fascinating, the fact that it’s never ending. I find comfort in it’s vastness because it reminds me that there are things out there much bigger than I am. There are tons and tons of aspects of space, but I decided to focus on stars and black holes (or else I could’ve written metaphors forever).


14 Things I Learned By The Time I Was 14

  1. Sometimes a paper cut feels like a bullet hole and you can’t put a band-aid on a bullet hole.
  2. Music is your best friend, find the songs that make you feel alive again.
  3. The people that promised they’d be there for you are gonna leave. People can’t stay in one spot forever and neither will you.
  4. Not all adults are right, forget what you’re told. I don’t care if it’s a stranger, a teacher, or your own parent. Don’t let anyone disrespect you or make you feel lesser than a person.
  5. Everyone is trying to exist just as much as you.
  6. You’re going to fall in love and you’ll be nostalgic, just don’t forget to come up for air. It’s easy to get caught in the riptide of something new.
  7. Don’t lie to your parents. They know everything, and if they don’t they’ll find out. Trust. Me
  8. Things are going to fall apart. Relationship, friendships, even yourself. Don’t cut yourself trying to pick up the pieces, it’s okay to leave some things broken.
  9. Forgive. Forgive. Forgive.
  10. Watching movies and binge eating food with your best friend will make you feel better.
  11. Nobody is perfect. Not even your mother. In fact, especially not your mother.
  12. Everything is constantly moving. If you don’t move with it you’ll get left behind.
  13. Don’t hold back. Oh my God there are so many opportunites. Take them. Say what you want to say. Wear what you want to wear. Take photos. Be spontaneous. Talk as loud as you want. Life is much too short to be anything less than happy.
  14. Above all, if you can’t do anything else, just take care of yourself. Please.

My View Vs. Esperanza’s

I am reading The House On Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros. I am doing a reflection by answer questions in both my view and Esperanza’s view. What inspires you most in life? What do you see your future holding for you? What obstacles might stand in your way? How will you overcome them?


My View


For me, my sister is a huge inspiration factor in my life. Growing up with her definitely had it’s ups and downs but in the long run she is my best friend and has accomplished so much. My sister inspires me to do many things. She performs slam poetry and hearing her words inspires me to write. She inspires me to bake when she brings home a new cheesecake brownies every week. She received a full ride to OSU which is crazy impressive and honestly a little bit intimidating. It reminds me to stay focused and do my best in school. But most of all, watching her work and continue to be one of the happiest and charming people I know, she inspires me to just be a good person. I see my future holding success. Sometimes I think that sounds conceited but confidence gets you places. I know I’m a hard worker and if I really want something I can get it. I think my biggest obstacle will be staying sane. When I do begin to apply for colleges in a couple years I know things become hectic. When I get stressed I have the tendency to shut down or procrastinate. I have to remind myself what I’m working for. Staying organized will keep me on the right track.


Esperanza’s View

Sally inspires me in the worst way. Sally inspires me by being the opposite of what I want to be. I miss Sally a lot, especially when I remembered where she ended up. Locked up in a house, unable to talk freely with friends, or even go out much. It’s sad because Sally was my best friend. I feel like I owe her maybe, because I think I could’ve done something to help. All those times I let her go off with those boys to dark places. I think I owe it to her, or maybe even myself, to make it out of here. I’ll take whatever inspiration I can get. I see a house in my future. A nice house, in a nice neighborhood. One that has enough bathrooms so you don’t feel rushed. One with lemon paint and sky blue window sills. One with a pretty garden out front so when my children one day have to point out the house they belong to, they won’t feel ashamed when the say, “That yellow one over there!”. My mama says I’m crazy, and that I’ll never get a house on my own. That I need to marry, then I will get a home. It’s not that I don’t marry, everyone wants to be loved and somebody to love. I just don’t want to rely on a man, or marry one for the sake of moving on with my life. I’ve watched the girls around me grow up. Sally and Rafaela both, and I know well enough now to wait for a good man. One that won’t leave bruises as dark as oceans during a storm. I wait for a man who will smell like sweet honey and whose hands tickle me like feathers. Till then I will go to school, I will keep working and I will save. I will save until I can buy a lemon yellow house with sky blue window sills. That will make me happy.

The House On Mango Street

So far I really enjoy reading The House On Mango Street. I absolutely love Esperanza. She is honest and funny, though I don’t think she knows it. Esperanza seems to feel like she has little freedom, I often feel like that in my life too. At school I don’t feel like I have freedom because I am constantly given directions and homework and it’s hard to do what you want. Or feel like you even have time to do what you want. Though I have more freedom at my house, I still have an abundance of responsibilities like putting away dishes and sweeping.  I don’t think anyone is really free, everyone has responsibilities to fulfil and burdens to carry. I think Esperanza feels trapped in herself, or in her life. She may desire to be someone else, or live somewhere else. I don’t think she’s content with what she has or where she lives and that makes her feel trapped or without freedom. Esperanza seems to have a pretty diverse family, like mine. Me and my mom both have blonde hair. My hair is long while hers is short and spiky. My dad, brother and sister all have brown hair. My dad’s hair is short and wavy, my sister’s hair is long and curly and my brother’s hair is shaggy and straight. My family in general is pretty loud. When we walk into a room people know we are there, trust me. Sometimes that can be embarrassing but I’ve learned to appreciate the unapologetic noise my family create. Considering I contribute to the noise. There’s also a part in the book where Esperanza talks about her name and how she wish she had a simpler name. I could see why someone with a long or complicated name would get tired. Everyone would always pronounce it wrong, or even make fun of you. I think names are significant though, and you should never be ashamed of yours. Your name is your legacy, it’s what gets left after you die. It’s what people have to call you everyday. It’s the words that will be etched into your gravestone in years to come. Love your name and be proud about it. Don’t ever apologize for it! Your name is you and that’s important.